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Saturday, January 2, 2010


I posted on my facebook page not too long ago about Usher's substandard lyrics in Papers. (Papers.. Papers.. Papers.. I'm ready to sign those papers(papers), papers (paai ooh oh oh.) Imagine singing those lyrics all serious like. I can think of a billion ways to better articulate the complexities of a divorce. That song had me crackin up in the car!)

Matters have gotten worse. The 2nd verse of the hook of Daddy's Home is "you just float your bottom up in the air". Who is writing this and ruining this man's career? I changed the station and Elton John's Candle In The Wind was on. I'm not a huge fan of all of his music but definitely appreciate his talent. What a contrast that was. My lack of talent tolerance has been used and abused over the past decade. Only talent from now on, capiche?

"Thank God I'm Rich"

A bill collector just called me. It was for a MetroPCS pager, obviously from a LOOONG time ago.. A pager? I clearly paid the $83 dollar balance long ago but they have no record of it (nor is it on my credit report) and still bug me about it. I usually recognize the number from which they call and dismiss it but they called from a different and today and got me! Damn! So.. The man was in near hysterics over the ordeal, yelling, threatening, interrupting, the whole nine. Me..? Antagonistically calm. I once saw a bill collector on Wife Swap who bugged people all day while sitting in sweatpants and filth in at their home in Nomansland, Idaho, or somewhere like that. They fed their kids nothing but processed fast food and allowed them to wear clothes that revealed what happens when you eat too many Taco Bell tostadas. NO QUIERO Taco Bell. What an upsetting existence. Anyway, they are crazy to assume that they'd upset me. No can do mister bill collector. Dr. Dwayne Dyer said whenever you receive a bill to say "Thank God I'm rich." So I did. :)