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Saturday, June 19, 2010


Twitter accounts used to glorify mediocrity need to be deleted or at least reduced to myspace. Seems that every page is wallpapered with people that have more airbrushing on their bodies than they do clothes. To me it shows that you have the emotional and intellectual depth of a puddle and that you probably don't celebrate Father's Day. Who cares if you are eating sherbet in bed with your cat, or that you are laying by the pool with your girlz- your every inconsequential move does not need to be put in writing.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bent Up Frame Of Mind

I see on facebook that Slim Thug has caused some stirring among women and men regarding his recent blog about a "Black woman's frame of mind". I don't agree with him as I don't place single entities into an entirety. There are women who's #1 prerequisite in a mate is money in every community. If there wasn't you wouldn't see 20-something year-old Barbie dolls with 50-something year-old, hairy, barrel bellied, stout men. I don't disagree with him in the sense that when I listen to V103 or 107.9, nearly all of the songs pretty much promote or prolong social dysfunction. Take Keri Hilson's "Get Your Money Up" or worse "Teairra Mari's "Sponsor".

Yeah all my ladies say/Yeah the go-go girls say/Hey, I got myself a sponsor say hey/Yeah, to fill up a drink for me/Yeah, to fill up my tank for me/Yeah, to put something in the bank for me/I got myself a sponsor.

Some of the ever so uplifting lyrics. On the other hand, men, if you rap about your yellow bones in yellow cars with yellow diamonds, don't complain when women match your level of depth.

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