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Monday, October 14, 2013

A friend's situation:

Am I projecting my best art
On a wall already hung upon?
My best part
Hung upon a wall already taken.

Am I projecting my best art
In a room no one will enter?
My best part
In a room that is vacant.

My fine art somewhere
With too much fine print
Hung up on hanging on.

To what?

Sunday, September 8, 2013

I hate to spoil the show, like the older sibling privy of knowing and then sharing Santa Claus's fictitious nature, but I will: Al Qaeda is not real. I feel like punching people in their propoganda (I love me some alliteration) filled bellies for endorsing this Syria shit. Are you serious? It's time for some to take a time out and take a nap. Or better yet, WAKE UP.

P.S. Two acronyms/phrases I've never said: YOLO and turn up. Snobbishness? Maybe.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Piece By Piece

There once was a girl who never knew love
Who only knew toys
And boys
She broke her toy
A boy
Who loved her from the start

She cut the threads of his chest
Stitch by stitch
Ripped out his middle
Pinch by pinch
Looked for the blue in his chocolate eyes
And whispered in his ear,
Toys don’t cry

She put him back together
Promised him they'd be together
She soon put him on the shelf
Wanted to play with something else
What's the difference between a toy
And a boy
When you have a broken heart

In time she changed
And so did he
Not his love
But what it could be. Eventually
He wanted to love someone else
She returned to the shelf
Now it sat empty
And so was she

There once was a girl who never knew love
Who only knew toys 
And boys
She broke her boy
The one
Who she loved from the start.