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Monday, April 5, 2010


I'll articulate this to the best of my ability. The pollen count is 1600+ today (120+ considered extremely high) and I'm feelin a lil dazed and confused. I've been watching the Life series showed on Discovery and featured last night were birds and specifically bowerbirds. Male bowerbirds go to great lengths to build elaborately constructed and decorated "bowers" or love nests to attract mates. The female bower goes from nest to nest to decide which one is decorated to her liking and know the rest. Much like in the human world and especially in Atlanta where seemingly the highest earner and the one with the most lavish "bower" gets all the goods. Those polygamous bastards of birds! Anyway, it's a great series and I suggest watching!

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  1. I watched the feature about bowerbirds and thought the same thing! We're not asking men to re-design their houses to impress us, but how about just opening the door or wearing the occasional clean shirt? Those bower chicks are lucky birds! Sierra