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Thursday, August 5, 2010


I never watch the news, usually only briefly when I am waiting on the elevator at my place which always displays the CNN news feed. Today they were speaking of the proposed mosque at Ground Zero and how the Jews support it. I personally don't think that ANY religious establishment should be in the place of the once capitalistic Twin Towers, especially when there are religious ties, whether true or false, to 9/11 and now that site. Religion is the greatest invention and tool towards creating power, lack, and an us vs. them mentality. And what better way to separate and fuel an ideology than by placing God at the helm. It's more omnipotent than race or gender.It is what it is...

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  1. Hey Ali,
    As you know my paternal influence was strongly Arabic/Muslim, and I totally concur. I did not have anyone to pass or become injured as a result of this tragedy; however, I was in the Army at the time that it happened, and was still greatly affected. It astonishes me how incredibly inconsiderate some people can be. I mean come on, it's kind of like a back-hand slap in the face. Did you see the layout for the "Dissappearing Pool"? The Commentator that was covering the show stated that it was to symbolize the victims paasing/or disappearing!!! WOW