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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Just left the nail salon. I was talking to my nail tech, her sister and fellow nail tech and her client. The salon's walls are covered in mirrors I suppose to make the limited space appear roomier. We were speaking of nail colors, nutritional supplements, etc., when two girls, one of which I know walked in. The girl I know, an acquaintance, may be one of the most gorgeous people I've ever seen. I mean, gorgeous. She is with a South American looking girl who my acquaintance says needs a pedicure before bossing her to sit down. They both sit down. The girl next to me, a corporate type, happy to have her nails done, feeling pretty and smiling now looks insecure. She keeps staring at who I'll call Megan in the mirror. Soon her look becomes bitter. I sit and imagine all that is going through her head, probably comparisons and unkind thoughts, not a lot of self love. I feel bad that women do that to themselves. I now look at Megan and her friend. Mind you, I at no point look at anyone directly, all through mirrors. Megan is put together as always, fashionable, perfect. Her friend looks like she has seen better days. She looks like a pre-revolutionary Cuban prostitute. She is wearing a long skirt and a peach cropped spaghetti strapped shirt with a slit between her breasts, which given her immodesty I can tell that they once were probably small perky ones but now go southeast and southwest. Her long hair is in a white clip and looks like she has not washed it after several customers, excuse me, days. She wears a long face as she flips through US Magazine, probably comparing her life to those pictured in it as the girl next to me did earlier to Megan. Megan is, I wouldn't call a prostitute... She is sweet and lovely, and I cant stress enough, GORGEOUS. She definitely uses her femininity to get things from very rich men. She usually hangs out with them for months at a time and I must say, lives a pretty lavish lifestyle. She is a shopaholic and one of the most materialistically driven person I know. Actually, driven and "Megan" don't go in the same sentence but you know what I mean. She has a cocaine and tequila problem and not long ago spoke of wanting to commit suicide. Still, she could pretty much convince anyone that if looking so good meant feeling so bad, they'd do it.