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Friday, September 11, 2009


I see a homeopathist once a month. She gives me sugary pellets to take daily and doses me with direction and advice. I always leave feeling exceptionally inspired. Amusingly, I ran into my neighbor in the hallway shortly thereafter who was boasting about her "work free" lifestyle and how she goes about doing so. Though I showed little interest, she continued about a "must read" book of hers. It is titled, Sugar Daddy 101. No, seriously, that is the title. How did I go from such a progressive and motivating conversation to one so wasteful? Nevertheless, I am skimming the book. The author guides women how to be "sugar babies," how to meet men, keep men, sex men, and use men for money, i.e. how to be a prostitute. I know that this has been going on since the beginning of time, I just don't know why one would want to. I respect that every individual has their own unique recipe for happiness, this just doesn't seem like a recipe for success.


  1. Unorthodox maybe, but still work nonetheless. In actuality, possibly more expellation of energy with a less cohesive reward than having a real job or reaping the benefit from the pursuit of a passion. There are a thousand ways to skin a cat, but how far can you go riding another's (a man's) coattails, for how long, and really, for what? Things? And don't tell me security, because the second a she of this caliber let's up, the next she of this nature slides in and then it's out the door whicha or something like that. Gotta think about what got her there in the first place. And this can go on and on, and really, if that is as far as she can see, God love her and let her obtain her wishes as much as the rest of us drivers. If he wants to pay, then he doesn't want to put work into a woman anyway in any regard. He'd rather have her do it. Besides, don't let her fool herself into thinking she isn't working and that is really not so much to be proud of. We're here to hopefully make a difference in the world, so what a freaking waste of precious time! Anyway, I think the term "Working Girl" happens to apply to those that work on men for money, so get on the job (blow job that is).


  2. She is motivated by her wack ass lifestyle and think it's actually cute to do the crap she does. Another woman did the same thing and she goes by the name of Superhead... They try to motivate women to buy into their bullshit. Just do you and everything will work out fine. I agree. happiness DOES NOT equal success...

  3. So this is such a science that one would need to read a book to become an "accomplished" whore?? I think I'll leave that read for the Kardashian sisters. (oops, did I "type" that outloud) *smile*

  4. Yes, thanks to their mom they've mastered that course. :)