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Monday, December 6, 2010


My thoughts on today- I went to the dentist today to find that I have a hefty amount of dental work that is needed. (Though I take impeccably good care of my teeth.) This is bothersome in that it is money spent in not the most fun way but more so because I hate the thought of having my one and only set of teeth drilled on. This proves to be a valuable lesson in several ways. The future always arrives; that saving money is just as fun in spending it- you may need it for events that you didn't anticipate, good and bad, a minor set back or an investment opportunity that can set you forward. Also, to invest in tangibles and assets like gold, silver, physical and intellectual properties. With a fiat money system that can be inflated and deflated and controlled at will by the Monopoly issuers, have your own, enough so that you ain't going anywhere. Also, I was speaking to my mom about age and such and how my 30th year of life is approaching. Turning 30 doesn't bother me as it seems to do most. Maybe because I'm not still trying to do what I did ten years ago; maybe because I'm "aging" and advancing on the inside faster than I am on the outside.

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