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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


First the disclaimer.. I almost always try to make people feel good, at least treat them fairly. Ok, I must admit that there is a certain type of male that I enjoy emasculating. I was reminded of this when a middle-aged man was on my ass (driving), and mind you, I don't travel slowly. He got around me and we checked each other out. After, I gave him the I pity the pathetic pu**y that you are look. He zoomed off and ironically, he hit the red light that I eased through. This type of middle-aged man usually drives a smaller or mid-sized model of a luxury make of car that he thinks is/runs like a Ferrari. This one had pursed lips and ugly reflective shades on. I have no problem with middle-aged men, nor do I with just nicer than average cars- just ones who act like they have little penises and it is somehow my problem. Ok, I'm done. Also, random question.. Do certain women speak like "valley girls" for a reason? Kind of sort of like a gay male? Anyway, I am listening to one near by (who happens to be speaking to a gay male friend of hers) and wondering why she does this.. It sounds forced. Does it make her feel more high-style? Pretty? What do you think?

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