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Friday, January 28, 2011


I shopped at Whole Foods today and because of my findings yesterday (Whole Food's recent acquiescence to agribiz giants), I did not enjoy my regular shopping experience the same. I can imagine Whole Foods had little say in the matter; a matter that I am very much bothered by. On there is an article listing the top "Ten Reasons to Say No GMOs". I listed three of them; the commentary that follows is mine.

One. Freedom: GM crops denature the role of farmers, who have always improved and selected their own seeds. GM seeds are owned by multinationals to whom the farmer must turn every new season, because, like all commercial hybrids, second-generation GMOs do not give good results. It is also forbidden for farmers to try to improve the variety without paying expensive royalties.

It's theft! Apparently we as a nation have not moved from the Puritanism from America's onset. To the Indians, "I know you've descended upon this land far before we, but we want it." Much like, to the farmers, "I know you've been growing your crop here for generations on your land but our seeds raped yours- those that you have been saving and planting. "Our check will be in the mail next week, right?...No?...Oh!...See ya in court."

Two. Hunger: Multinationals instead promise that GMOs will feed the world, but since they began to be marketed around 15 years ago, the number of starving people in the world has only grown, just like the profits of the companies that produce the seeds.

Speaking of growth, how about body mass indexes of American adults and children? 30.6% of kids are obese. I remember only one or two per class when I was in elementary school (poor things). That was in the 80's and GMO's began in 1986. As stated in an article in January 2011's National Geographic, the only way to decrease famine in the world is by population reduction. Not a mass production of corn and soy.

Three. Health: It has been shown that animals fed with GMOs can develop health problems.

So if it is not for the touted "feed the world" guise, what is it? Profit!!! Fascism!!! From the farms to the pharmaceuticals. "We'll make you sick on food and when you don't feel so well, go see our buddies. They'll pump you full of drugs!"

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  1. Thanks for having the courage to speak out! I just flew into Atlanta last week and the city was getting hammered just like Kansas City. I went to Cozumel and I still couldn't get away from it, the island was being bombarded with aluminum and by sunset the sun reflecting canopy was in place. This operation is much more than geoengineering. If you get a chance look at my list of patents.
    Thanks again! All my best Kev